In-Home Senior Care Services

There is no doubt that most elderly individuals prefer in-home care services over nursing homes. That’s because they are not only convenient and practical, but they don’t ultimately take away the independence of the seniors. Such services are available on both permanent and temporary basis. With this kind of service, the elderly can get the support they need, whether it is help with their day to day activities or full-time care. Most seniors are usually hesitant at first but when they get the benefits of in-home care services, they certainly welcome the changes. 

In-home caregivers offer assistance to the elderly from a few hours a week to round the clock support. Live in home care services refer to the services offered by a full-time care person who resides in the homes of the elderly and provides the required care every day. This gives the relatives of the loved one some peace of mind as it guarantees full time support for those who are at risk when left alone. However, some seniors just need assistance for a few hours a week, and this type of service is ideally available. 

There are numerous types of in-home senior care services, and it’s up to the patient and the loved ones to pick the services required. In this post, we are going to cover some of the common services an elderly person can receive. You can also visit the site for lot of information.

Light Housekeeping

These services include sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning tubs, counter and appliances, taking out the trash, mopping floors, organizing closets and drawers, cleaning the interior windows. Caregivers that specialize in light housekeeping don’t usually offer outdoor cleaning and maintenance. 

Meal Preparation

While in-home caregivers are expected to prepare delicious and healthy meals, the seniors are still allowed to assist with the preparation depending on their capability. This is an essential service as most of the elderly people are incapable of preparing a healthy meal on their own. By getting the nutrition they require, they are likely to enjoy a healthier life.


This service includes washing, drying, ironing as well as folding the clothes of the senior. Caregivers ensure that the laundry is done in accordance with the preferences of the client by involving them in the process. 


This is another important service as not many senior people are able to pick up prescriptions, head to the post office and shop for the groceries and supplies they need. However, if possible, they can be accompanied by the caregiver as a means of staying engaged and active. 

Medication Reminders

While in-home caregivers can’t administer medications directly, they can ascertain that the seniors take the drugs according to the prescription. The role here involves reminding the elderly when it is time to take their medication, reading the labels for them and opening the medicine bottles. 

These are some of the services that can ensure that your elderly loved one lives a happy and healthy life. If you are considering this type of elderly care, you can check out the numerous resources available locally or go online and look for the best providers in your region.